As part of the Namheng Group of Companies, Namheng Stone Co.,Ltd. was originally established for the purpose of obtaining and high quality to Namheng Concrete (1992) Co.,Ltd., and also to other customers within the construction industry as required.
Set up with a capital investment of 175 million Bath and a production capacity of 1,200 tons/hour, the production plant is located at 7/2 Moo 6, Pu Kam Chan, Pra Bhuddabath, Saraburi, on a 127 square meter area. The company has a quarry of several hundred square meters, containing high quality limestone, equivalent to ASTM C33 Quality Standard, an essential raw material for concrete production, and includes quarried stone husks, power stones and mixed stones-all suitable for the construction industry.

Namheng Stone Co.,Ltd. has acquired a fine reputation for the quality of its range of products, which are all well-accepted within both the public and private sectors of the country's modern construction industry. All customers are assured of the highest quality, correct quantiles and on-time delivery of all products in the current product range.
Stone-20+4stone, less than 20 mm, greater than 4mm, able to pass through 3/4 inch test screen. Suitable for concrete, especially mixed concrete.
Stone-12+4stone, less than 12 mm, greater than 4mm, able to pass through 1/2 inch test screen. Suitable as raw material in cement production.
Stone-4 or Power Stonestone, less than 4mm, able to pass through 4 mm test screen. Suitable as raw material for Asphalt brick.
Mixed Stonestone, mixed with loam, able to pass through 32mm test screen, a by-product of stone processing. Suitable as road roll surface.
Machinery and Modern Technology
Namheng Stone Co.,Ltd. is Thailand's most modern high technology stone-breaking plant, using the latest computer-controlled machinery and modern technology from Australia. A PLC Series 7 Computer Control System controls the entire stone-breaking production process. Aware of its responsibility to society and the environment, the company has invested in the installation of dust-removal machinery, which effectively eliminates the spread of dust from the production area, and protects the surrounding environment. The production plant is recognized as the most modern, dust-free production plant in the country.
ISO 9001:2015
Under its quality policy of "Quality product of the production system continuously" Namheng Stone Co.,Ltd. is Dedicationed to developing its quality management system on a continuous basis to ensure the highest quality products that will meet customer demand and also achieve the highest rate of customer satisfaction.
In pursuit of its commitment to quality, the company introduced and implemented the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard Management System throughout its entire operation.
Through the dedication and hard work of all management and staff, co-ordinating and co-operating together in essential team work, Namheng Stone Co.,Ltd. passed the final audit and was duly awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 Certification Services on 25 June 2016.
Namheng Stone Co.,Ltd. is the first stone crushing mill in Thailand to receive ISO 9001:2015 Certification. This auspicious success confirms the company's commitment to achieving the highest quality in its production process and in its range of products for the benefit of all its customers. It is also a reflection of the company's determination to contribute to Thailand's modern industrial development that is gaining increasing international recognition.
Besides operating a computer-controlled, high technology production, production process, Namheng Stone Co.,Ltd. operates an on going training program for staff at all levels. This ensure all stages of the production process are operated in accordance with its quality standard management system and that the highest quality is maintained throughout its product range for the benefit of all customer.